Set Email Notification in OBPM 11g

To set up:

  1. In the Enterprise Manager, select User Messaging Service:
  • Select usermessagingdriver-email (soa_server1)
  • In the User Messaging Email Driver, select Email Driver Properties
  • Edit the following fields (all the other fields remain with the default values):
    • Sender Addresses: EMAIL:
    • Default Sender Address:
    • Supported Protocols: SMTP,IMAP
    • Supported Carriers: *
    • MailAccessProtocol: POP3
    • OutgoingMailServer: The name of the SMTP server. Mandatory only if e-mail sending is required (i.e.
    • OutgoingDefaultFromAddr:
  1. In the Enterprise Managerright-click on soa-infra
  • Select SOA Administration -> Workflow Config
    • (note: this option applies for WLS 10.3.6, for WLS 10.3.5 is SOA Administration -> Workflow Notification Properties)
    • On Mailer tab, apply the following (Workflow Notification Properties):
      • Notification Mode:
        • set to: Email
        • or None, for disabling emails
      • In Notification Service:
        •  Email: From Address:
      • Then Apply
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